Project: Athlete Inside

Project: Athlete Inside is a FREE 12-week program for young adults, 19 to 25 years old .  The New Athletes will be introduced to exciting and dynamic fitness disciplines  taught by experienced coaches. 

The Coaches and Mentors will share their mindsets and life obstacles, and how sport has helped and inspired them to become who they are today. 


The  program's main goal is to provide a space that encourages the New Athletes to pursue  health, wellness and personal development.



The group will meet every Saturday from 3-5pm for 12 weeks; 8 weeks are designed to be at the main location where they are going to explore  a mix between Functional Fitness movements and a weightlifting program, then 4 weeks of a variety of different disciplines like, TXR Suspension training, spinning, hiking and boxing.

The classes will be divide in two sections:

The first 45 minutes, mentors will lead The New Athletes through an open circle conversation, where they will navigate a mixtures of mental health and empowerment topics.

Topics like: Nutrition, mind and goal setting, body image, depression, anxiety and more.

The last hour, coaches will guide the group through exercises that will help to improve their daily activities; movements  that challenge balance and coordination while simultaneously improving strength and range of motion.

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